Research Data and Insights

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It encompasses with diverse techniques with having varieties of names. We focus on modeling and knowledge discovery for descriptive and predictive purposes. Data analysis is covered with business intelligence by focusing on the quality of business information. By following the statistical applications, we divide data analysis into the exploratory data analysis, descriptive statistics and confirmatory data analysis. Exploratory data analysis focuses on new features of the data and confirmatory data analysis confirms the existing hypotheses.

Predictive analytics is based on the application of statistical models and those are required for the predictive classification or forecasting. Text analytics extract information from textual sources and this is called unstructured data. All these are the varieties of data analysis. Besides research data, customer insight is acknowledged as an interpretation of trend that is required in human behaviors by aiming to increase the effectiveness of a service or product for the consumer and also it increases the sales for mutual benefit. We usually focus on market research and create a bridge between the Marketing departments and Research within a company.